[sane-devel] lexmark x1190 doing the funky chicken

Bryn Nobbs maddogmayhem at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 16 00:07:36 CET 2007

Hi all, im having a problem with my Lexmark all-in-one X1190, I am under the impression the scanner is supported by the Lexmark backend but when I try to scan anything firstly the scanner makes a lot of noise for around 30 seconds, then it seems to find home and scan.  The problem is that once it has scanned I just get a lot of coloured stripes as the output? It looks as though the scanner is working, but the backend isn't understanding what the scanner is sending to it.

Also if I run scanimage -T the scanner doesn't seen to do anything and the program just hangs, if I press ctrl-c to quit it responds with trying to stop scanner and then just hangs again, a second ctrl-c is required to exit, then a reboot to get any functionality from the scanner again.  Not sure if it helps but the printer works perfectly, in fact its better than it was under windows. I have included the output of scanimage -V if it helps, but I'm at a loss!

 # scanimage -V
 scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.18; backend version 1.0.18
also, not sure if this helps either, but im running Debian Unstable and have installed sane-utils and sanelibs-dev from the Unstable repository. The  machine is a 266Mhz ARM based NSLU2

as advised by a user a long time ago, i have installed ubuntu 6.10 on my i386 based pc and i have the exact same results. i am willing to send any log files or additional information you may need. also im not a programmer but i know my way around linux ok (please note ok) so i am willing to help in any way possible. im also competent with a screwdriver so if you need any extra hardware info i can supply this too. cheers for an help anyone can give me! bryn
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