[sane-devel] lexmark x1190 doing the funky chicken

Stéphane VOLTZ stef.dev at free.fr
Fri Mar 16 09:46:24 CET 2007


	the current backend only handles early X1100 models. It is allready known 
that X1185 models can't work with it.

	I am currently working on an experimental version of the lexmark backend. 
Currently, it detects X1185 variants (and X1200 models) and is able to do 75 
dpi color scans. What is still missing is tuning the color calibration and 
add other dpi and gray scans.

	You can test this work in progress with the source archive you can get at 
http://stef.dev.free.fr/sane/lexmark .

	You'll have to recompile it (just type make in the 
lexmar_testing/sane-backends-1.0.18 subdirectory). Then you can run the 
list.sh script to see if your scanner is detected, then the scan.sh which 
will try to do a color preview. This test will produce a scan.log and a 
scan.pnm files in lexmark_testing/sane-backends-1.0.18/backend

	Please send them to me so I can fix any bugs, and validate the latest changes 
(since I've no device to test).


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