[sane-devel] Avision AV8300 Support for 11x17in Document Size

Tom Garvin tomgarvin at amyskitchen.net
Fri May 4 22:07:15 UTC 2007

Scanning height on the avision libraries seems to be limited to
420.116mm.  I need to scan an 11x17 document, a size that the AV8300
scanner supports, but that would require a scanning height of 432mm.  In
looking at the avision.c file, it seems like scan height is limited to
420 because that's the height of A3... which seems to be the maximum
document size supported by that sane library.   I changed the value of
A3_Y_RANGE (line 1419 of avision.c) from 16.5 to 17, recompiled and
reinstalled... but to no joy.


Am I looking in the wrong place?  Do I need corresponding changes in
other files?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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