[sane-devel] Problem with alioth, additional problem with Lexmark X1170

Stefan Göttsche Goettschwan at gmx.de
Sat May 5 12:34:35 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm unsure if I am correct in posting this here. 
To introduce myself shortly, I am a german living in France, 
and I run openSUSE Linux 10.2, KDE 3.5.6.

First of all, I've got a problem with the sane-project website, or more 
precisely alioth.  I wanted to report a bug, but a button to report bugs was 
nowhere to be seen. I figured that I have to create an account for just this 
one bug, and proceeded to registration. After quite a bit of information 
about me I finally got the email, clicked, and got the error message :
"Alioth cannot connect to database" on an otherwise blank page. 
Now, I should register that as a website bug, but since I need to log in for 
the bugtracker I simply can't. I don't know if the server is down for 
maintenance, or something else along that line, I'll try again later. 

Second, the reason for my bug report : 
I own a Lexmark X1170 printer/scanner, and the printer works just fine. 
I used SANE to install the scanner, and upon testing, something goes 
majorly wrong : 
Instead of moving the scanning unit towards the glass window it starts moving 
the unit -in the other direction- ! Since there is a point the mechanic 
inside can't overcome, the motor starts to whine under torture, and after two 
or three seconds the scanner just stops. 
The scanner is correctly detected by sane using scanimage to list the 
I have tried and experienced this problem with Xsane, scanimage and Kooka, 
which exhausts all the frontends I have. I conclude that this must be a 
problem inside Sane or with my hardware, although the last time I scanned 
under Windows it functioned normally. I will check that out though as soon as 
I have some time to boot up windows XP. 
I have not tried to further deepen the diagnostic, as the scanner does this at 
every attempt to scan or preview, and the unit starts smelling a bit of 
overheated electronics when trying. I don't want to destroy the scanner 

Any advice on this would be very appreciated, as it is the only (rare) task on 
the computer left for which I have to boot Win XP now. I don't like to boot 
it anymore, and until now I am very happy with OpenSuse :)


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