[sane-devel] Adding Scanner to Backend Configuration

Gerald Murray gmurray at cloudnet.com
Sat May 12 03:47:33 UTC 2007

Quoting Hugh McMaster <dasjournal at gmail.com>:

> My scanner (Canon Lide 70) is not supported currently, but (I hope)
> will be supported by the Genesys backend sometime soon.  Anyway, if I
> added the Scanner IDs to the Genesys backend Conf.in and recompiled,
> would that allow any usage of the scanner at all?

The chipset in the Canon Lide 70 is not yet known, but it did not respond
positively to gl841 or gl646, so it is will not at present work with the 
genesys backend.  It has only 2 bulk endpoints, but no isosynchronous
endpoint, so it is different.  Some work is required to identify the chip, 
and the protocol.  Using usbsnoop on a small scan may provide helpful
information.  In any case, quite a bit of work lies between now and a 
successful sane scan.  I suggest obtaining a usbsnoop log and/or identifying
the chipset.  The recompile is not likely to work or provide useful
in my humble opinion.  Someone needs to initiage and carry that project
forward into development.

Good luck,

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