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Fri May 25 21:55:07 UTC 2007

Re: Formulardaten program  Thu May 24 16:42:32 UTC 2007 

I assume that the above has been posted in response to my post-[sane-devel] Installation of "Sane-pie backend" to drive Black Widow (Devcom) 9636 PRO SCSI scanner   

If this is a program that has scanned my computer in search of a SCSI scanner it has in fact scanned the wrong computer, the reason being as follows:

I subscribed to Sane-devel from my new Dell (Vista) computer from which I posted to the Sane devel mailing list. My post relates to the possible installation of "Sane-Pie backend on my old Gateway (PCPro) computer in which the Devcom 9636 Pro SCSI card is fitted and to which the 9636 Pro scanner is attached. I may need to install and run the Formulardaten program on my Gateway computer which has a dial-up internet connection. Is that possible?

Since there is no scanner (or SCSI card) attached to my Dell computer, from which my post was made, it is not surprising that Formulardaten found that no SCSI scanner was installed.

On my Gateway computer Device Manager lists "DEVCOM 9636PRO SCSI Scanner Device" under "other devices" with a yellow question mark in front of these items. I cannot be sure what drivers (if any) are presently loaded for my SCSI adapter (the windows 98 drivers did not load in XPPro) but it would appear that the computer is unable to establish any communication with the scanner. When I click on the acquire button I get the error message "Scanner not ready. There does not seem to be a scanner installed" The scanner had been working perfectly on this computer under Windows 98.

On the Sane web site http://www.munton.demon.co.uk/sane/ the Sane-pie backend driver is listed as having been tested and works OK on the BLACK WIDOW (DEVCOM) 9636 PRO scanner. I would like to give it a try but as already mentioned I would require some guidance with the installation of that driver on my computer.  Any such guidance,suggestions or help would be appreciated.  

Do I still need to get and run the Formulardaten program on my Gateway computer?

Thank you

S MacA
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