[sane-devel] Need help analysing hp46xx logs

Alexander Bechikov goo at t72.ru
Thu Nov 1 13:54:51 UTC 2007

	Small progress!

0x00b0   0x96 xx 0x96 xx  seems changing lamp state:

"0x01" - turn off, and "0x01 <" - turn on.

This command is working even if scanner is turned off, when i send
command "0x96 0x21 0x96 0x21" lamp start lighting, but power led on
scanner still off!!!

If send "0x96 0x01 0x96 0x01" then lamp is switched off and power led
still staying off.

It is normal? Others scanners behave in the same way?

Also i have tried to find command which returned lamp status, but all
attempts have failed.

Best Regards.
Alexander Bechikov

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