[sane-devel] scanner CHAT

Adam Valenzuela adamaod at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 00:44:16 UTC 2007

howdy folks,

                  I could not find my question in the archives so I
turn to emailing the group.

I have a Dell GX270 configured as a RHEL5 box and as ubuntu 7.10
(seperate hard drives and currenlty swapping between the two) and an
HP 5550 scanner.

According to what I can see I have the same version of sane frontend
(.991) and the same backend version (1.0.18) for both installs.  Here
is my problem.  The ubuntu install (both live cd version and actual
install) picks up my scanner rigth away.  and I can use all of its
functions, color scan, bw scan, sheet feeder, the works.  works
everytime without fail.

with the RHEL 5 install it takes a crap everytime.

I know the distro's i am using have two completly differnt constructs
but i was hoping that if im using the same versions for both the front
and the back ends, and the same hardware that i could figure out what
was going wrong or missing.

What am I doing wrong?
What should I look for?

Thank you,
Adam A. Valenzuela

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