[sane-devel] In progress: TRUST Imagery 9600SP (TECO_VM6552)

Ralph D. Ungermann linux at mloge-ungermann.de
Thu Apr 3 15:28:20 UTC 2008

m. allan noah wrote:
> On 4/3/08, Ralph D. Ungermann <linux at mloge-ungermann.de> wrote:
>>  If there is anybody else out there using backend teco1, teco2, or teco3,
>>  I'm willing to unify and maintain that driver. But now I sit idle, until
>>  somebody googles and finds this email...
> why dont you go ahead and combine those drivers into a new teco
> backend, if it is easy enough.

Because I don't like to code for the museum. My VM6552 is 12 years old, 
and the original backend was for the VM3552; maybe these devices are all 
dead. I'll go ahead, as soon as somebody proves me wrong (though it will 
be _not_ easy to delete 4000+ more lines of code).

> if you are looking for something else to do, there are plenty of other
> unsupported machines around :)

I still have 200 unread posts on sane-devel, but I've already bookmarked 
your "Ricoh IS420" post. How about to
- turn your scanner on
- allow me to "ssh -X ralph at ricoh.noah.org"
- put a sudoku in the top left corner
- sit back and wait for the solution

But no kidding -- there are many posts like "My HAL9001 doesn't work 
with the HAL9000 backend".
I can't tell, whether somebody else is working on that, or if this 
backend is orphaned. You are obviously more acquainted with S.A.N.E., so 
feel free to point me to any of these requests, that would otherwise 
remain unhandled.

-- ralph

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