[sane-devel] HP 3570c Scanjet scanner problem solved

Jonathan Stewart jstewart at surfbest.net
Tue Apr 8 02:35:00 UTC 2008

Last week, I posted a message to this list describing a problem where 
scanimage would not recognize my Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 3570c scanner.

It turned out that the problem was that I had compiled SANE without 
libusb support enabled.  Once I grabbed the libusb-devel package from 
rpmfind.net and recompiled SANE, it worked fine.

It might be helpful to add a note in the sane-project.org documentation 
section, saying that if you plan to use a USB scanner you must have 
libusb-devel installed before you compile SANE.

Thanks to m. allan noah and anyone else who may have tried to help.


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