[sane-devel] LIDE 25 scanner as a single-line CCD detector with plustek backend

Christoph Zeh zeh at iapp.de
Fri Apr 18 09:41:07 UTC 2008

Dear All

I am refering to this message I found in the archives from Bernardo 

Just as Bernardo, I try to figure out a way to use the line-CCD from a 
used Canon LIDE 25 scanner as a measuring device to sense light 
intensities impinging the CCD-detector. The device works with the 
plustek backend. All the mechanics and the integrated lamp are of no use 
for this (or even disturbing) and I am afraid I will break the device by 
"de-installing" those parts manually, since the checking routines might 
fail in this case. 

 I would very much appreciate if you could give me some hints where it 
might be promising to have a closer look in the plustek-backend-codes. 
If figured that some of the initialising routings are part of the 
plustek-usb modules as well as some of the "mechanical" routines. But I 
am a bit lost, since I am far from understanding, where which routine 
shakes hand with another.

However, I have to admit, that my experiences in C and device 
programming are rather basic. (So I'd better not try this...  But I want 
to learn it.)

So, thanks in advance.


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