[sane-devel] A few small problems with xsane

Michael Ole Olsen gnu at gmx.net
Sat Apr 19 19:13:15 UTC 2008

I got 3 issues while using xsane with my HP Scanjet 6300C:
- Scanner button not working
- No lamp turn-off
- Scanner head moves forth/back while scanning and seems to be calibrating each time before scan (delay before scan=5-8seconds)

I'm currently testing it on debian/testing.

I cannot get xsane to switch off the scanner lamp automatically, it only works when you manually press the turn off lamp button in advanced settings for the scanner.

if i just close xsane it never gets turned off, and im worried that it will eventually overheat the scanner's CCD sensor or just reduce the lamp lifetime, which isn't that long.

the only thing which seems to work is rmmod'ing the usb module or unplugging it.

also the scan buttons on the scanner doesn't work

what could be the issue?, I am using libusb and no scanner modules loaded/in kernel.

I tried various backends and xsane versions (mostly etch and testing) with no results.

also I am having problems with the scanner stopping while scanning, even on lowest speeds for 175dpi and above.

is it not possible to set scan speed slower than Slow in advanced settings dialog? i.e. set it manually using an integer value parameter to sane-backend.

if I reduce the dpi, it scans without stopping, but I need to scan at 320dpi.

Michael Ole Olsen
gnu at gmx.net

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