[sane-devel] hp4570c driver from modified hp5590 backend almost working

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Tue Apr 29 16:39:37 UTC 2008

"Markham thomas" wrote:
>      I do have a question for you:  I called the 4570 a:
> "Workgroup scanner"
> But im not sure if it should be that or a document scanner (per your entries
> in the hp5590 driver for other scanners).  Any idea which it would be?

BTW For whoever compiles model lists: The "Hewlett Packard Network
ScanJet 5" which has an inbuilt ADF & inbuilt complete computer,
has long been supported by Linux & FreeBSD, Ref my
http://www.berklix.com/scanjet/ (& http://www.berklix.com/scanjet/#other )

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