[sane-devel] SANE on Mac OS X

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 22:45:43 UTC 2008

On 8/9/08, Dan Tappin <dan.tappin at wavefront.ca> wrote:
> I recently purchased a used Fijitsu fi-4530C scanner and had planned
>  to use SANE as there are no native Mac drivers for this scanner.
>  Couple of issues I can't seem to figure out:
>  1.) Scan Size
>  I bought this scanner because it can scan tabloid (11" x 17") paper
>  but when I scan all I get is a letter (8.5" x 11") sized cropping of
>  the original.  I have played with all the TWAIN options and even
>  selected the "largest possible" scan size.

there should be page-height and page-width options, which defaults to
US letter. the adf needs to know how big the paper is so it can center
the width and detect multi-feed via length. the scan area is then
clamped to the page size. I guess on the flatbed these are kind of

>  2.) Mac Frontend
>  I have tried ImageCapture, Graphic Converter and a few front ends out
>  there but none of them seem to work properly nor use the ADF feature.
>  Any other options I am missing here.

i dont know anything about mac specific frontends. can you use one
that works with sane directly like xsane or xscanimage instead of all
this sane to twain stuff? what you are looking for is a 'Source'

>  3.) Duplex Scanning
>  My scanner can scan duplex - is this supported via SANE?

most definitely. set the source to "ADF Duplex". also requires that
your frontend keep asking for pages repeatedly.

allan (fujitsu backend author)
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