[sane-devel] make a multi-scanner starter

Jeremy jeremy at acjlaw.net
Tue Aug 19 15:02:33 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 19 August 2008, kid2k4 at email.it wrote:
> Hi, i'm the guy of the door-sized scanner project.
> I ask your help about a software configuration with the skill of a starter.
> A multi-scanner starter. We need to make a simultaneus scanning job with
> 2/4 scanners at the same time. How we can make this. It's possible to
> make a script (bash?) to automaze all under linux OS. For now we need
> only to make 2/4 scenner mveing at the same time.
> We hope we can do this. help us.
> Bye bye

Even after visiting your website, I still do not yet grasp what you wish to 
accomplish by imaging a person with a scanner. When I was in school I had a
professor with macular degeneration who could only read by "scanning" a page
word by word with a high powered objective lens. It was tedious, slow and 
only used out of necessity. If you wish to scan a person in order to emulate a 
Hollywood sci-fi movie, then why not just create a stage prop with a moving 
flourescent tube, blinking lights, etc., but take a snapshot with a digital 
camera (hide the camera in the apparatus if you like) The "scanning" effect 
could then be emulated in software with as much digital wizardry as you need. 
If on the other hand you need to actually create a digitized image of a 
person to use as an avatar, then there already exist laser-based systems 
which do just that (but they're not cheap)

Best of luck.

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