[sane-devel] How to define xsane printer

Julien Michielsen julien at michkloo.xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 2 09:10:40 UTC 2008

Oliver Rauch wrote:
> You have to enter the command line option with which you can print a
> file. On most systems this is "lp" or "lpr".
> If you want to specify a special printer (if you have more than one or
> no default printer) then you have to add the correct option, e.g.
> lpr -P laserjet
> I don`t know what command line option your system offers, thats
> something that you have to find out.

So I did, and I'll give the the details for the others who'd like to
accomplish the same.
Started yast2, the Suse configuration tool, and clicked on hardware.
Subsequently I clicked printer, and this opens a new panel with one line
showing among others
Que name   	Model  .....
ml1610		Samsung/Ml1610

so I edited the general command you displayed above into
lpr -P ml1610

And likewise every SuSE-user can use the lpr command for his particular
Thanks, Oliver

> Best regards
> Oliver
> Am Montag, den 24.12.2007, 09:21 +0100 schrieb Julien Michielsen:
>> Would like to define my printer for the xsane copy mode, for being able 
>> to make a fotocopy with my scanner. But I don't know how to define my 
>> printer.
>> This is what I did.
>> First sone definitions:
>> Architecture of my machine: Asus A8NE Mobo with Athlon 64 processor.
>> Distro SuSE 10.3 for i32 processor
>> Scanner: Epson 2580
>> xsane 0.994
>> Went to Preferences -> Setup -> Copy mode
>> After switching to Copy mode, one line below the mode definition 
>> (copy/view/save ...) the printer definition appears as "new printer". 
>> But this "new printer" only shows three options: "New Printer Shift +F1"
>> and two more times for +F2 and +F3. Entering Shift +F1 while scanning 
>> (or before scanning) does not give the option to define the printer. And 
>> I did define the printer of my desktop. But sane does not seem to see it.
>> How to get this done?
>> Thanks
>> -- 
>> Julien Michielsen
>> julien_at_michkloo.xs4all.nl

Julien Michielsen

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