[sane-devel] backend for Plustek PL-812 // anyboady working on this - who can get me on speed

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard at gjaeger.de
Sun Jan 6 20:04:39 UTC 2008

On Saturday 05 January 2008 19:36:37 Marco Freudenberger wrote:
> Hi list ....
> I'm urgently looking for a backend driver for a Plustek PL 812 (USB /
> ADF + Flatbed) scanner. Looks like there's (bu-huuuu) currently no
> backend that supports it.
The backend that could probably support this device is the genesys backend.
The PL812 contains a GL842 (Genesys Logic) ASIC.

Guess the experimental stuff with calibration cache is also needed. The ADF
handling could be fun ;)

Good luck

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