[sane-devel] "first light" with CanoScan LiDE 600F

Jürgen Ernst jrernst at gmx.de
Fri Jan 11 05:39:25 UTC 2008


I have to report a first success with a CanoScan LiDE 600F.
(or "first light" as astronomers like to say when they got the first 
picture from a new telescope :-)

I wrote a perl script to access the scanner via Device::USB.
After formatting the log (I made with benoit's usbsnoopy) I replayed the 
data to the scanner and suddenly it moved a few times forth and back, 
then turned on the lights an moved about 1 inch forward.

While figuring out what is going on I got some weird error codes from 
libusb after writing data to endpoint 0x03. It was error code -ENOENT 
(-2) "No such file or directory". First I thought it's a problem with 
permissions but I ran the script as root so there couldn't be a problem 
with permissions and mod 0644 is okay.

Then I stepped further and if the error code was -2 then I simply 
ignored it and tried a bulk_read on endpoint 0x83 as seen in the log. 
And what did you think what happened? It nevertheless returned data!
Maybe this is a bug in libusb or a trick from canon? I don't know.
However a bulk_read on endpoint 0x83 returned the same bytes as seen in 
the log.


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Windows, are an opening in an otherwise solid and opaque surface through 
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