[sane-devel] Linoscan 1200 on Linux

Ben F-W sane at flemingwilliams.co.uk
Sun Jan 13 18:16:13 UTC 2008

m. allan noah wrote:
> easiest thing to do is to open the scanner and get logos and numbers
> off the larger chips.
Right: one brief disassembly later, the most relevant seem to be the 
Powervision PV8630DL (mentioned at 
www.sane-project.org/unsupported/trust-combiscan-19200.html) and the 
Winbond W6662CF (mentioned at 

The large square chip in the centre has "13010059-5000 E17B3-000 0007" 
on it. Then, going clockwise around that, there's:

    * A long wide chip which has a plastic sticker with "Linoscan 1200
      U1 V1.0" written on it. Peeling off the sticker reveals that it's
      a Winbond chip, with W27C512-45 on one line and
      007IC29392990-RR1SB. This is EEPROM according to
    * A long thin chip with UT51C164JC-35 006 and a logo containing a
      circle-within-another, joined at the top. This is UTRON EDO DRAM
    * The Winbond chip, with the letters W6662CF, 293529402, 9470CSA on
      it. This is Scanner Analog Front End
    * A smaller chip with another logo and L6219DS, W990D9922, Malaysia.
      Looks like being a motor driver.
    * A small chip with ATC 93LC46 9948 (this is described as a 1kbit
      serial EEPROM at http://linas.org/banned/cuecat/matrixpm/)
    * The PowerVision chip with PV8630DL, 0003-U2B0B, Taiwan, 0030

Those seem to be the interesting ones. The fact the two main chips are 
mentioned in the 'unsupported' part of sane-project.org doesn't bode 
well: any idea whether it's possible to get this to work?

Let me know if you'd like pictures...



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