[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 90

Guillaume Gastebois guillaume.gastebois at free.fr
Tue Jan 15 20:10:16 UTC 2008


OK, my motor moves !

But, someting doesn't work during initialisation : I get floating point 
error !

I modified genesys_gl841.c for instrumentation and genesys_devices.c 
(genesys_sensor section) in accordance to my windows usb snoop log (see 

SANE_DEBUG_GENESYS_GL841=255 scanimage 
-device-name=genesys:libusb:001:066 > toto.pnm ends with :

[genesys_gl841] reg[0x86] = 0x00
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x87] = 0x00
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_write_register: wrote 104 registers
[genesys_gl841] gl841_led_calibration: starting first line reading
[genesys_gl841] gl841_begin_scan
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_write_register (elems = 4)
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x03] = 0x5f
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x01] = 0x81
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x0d] = 0x01
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x0f] = 0x01
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_write_register: wrote 4 registers
[genesys_gl841] gl841_begin_scan: completed
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_read_data: requesting 31200 bytes
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_read_data: trying to read 31200 bytes of data
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_read_data read 31200 bytes, 0 remaining
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_read_data: completed
[genesys_gl841] gl841_led_calibration: average: 0,801,302
[genesys_gl841] gl841_led_calibration: avga=367,expr=0,expg=0,expb=0,avge=0
Exception en point flottant (floating point exception)

See sample image toto.jpg too (when commenting zero division in 
genesys_gl841.c the scanner scans an image).

Help needed thanks


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