[sane-devel] Introducing myself, asking about SANE capabilities

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 14:33:28 UTC 2008

2008/1/16 Fran Alvarez <skitarna at gmail.com>:
> Hi all!
> I've recently suscribed to this list as It seemed to me that SANE could
> fulfill my needs.
> My name's Fran, from Spain and I'm working in a project that needs to read
> data from a flat-bed scanner and put them to a file.
> I've been reading the online doc (no downloads done yet) and I could make
> myself an idea about how it goes, but no answers about my specific needs
> (obviously, that's why they are specific! XD), so just after dipping my nose
> on the downloads (API and companion documents) and stuffing me in reading
> along (past posts included) , I'd need some advice from an expert as to know
> if my specific needs could be (not-so hardly) implemented fiddling with the
> backend of SANE.
> Well, it goes so: I need to override the flatbed motor behaviour as I'm only
> interested on reading ONE LINE, that is, the scanned image should be the
> minimum that the CCD can physically handle and send back to the processing
> engine. By the doc's I've read, I think it could be managed with the
> scanning area properties, but not sure about wether the motor control is "as
> is" and SANE has to deal with some standards that include predefined (and
> unavoidable) pre-positioning motor high level commands. So the think is more
> or less that I want to make a LINE reader taking out  the mechanics of an
> standard fb scanner and settig fixed the CCD position (not moving).
> Well, I hope this is not a big deal to do with SANE, and I will be gratefull
> if some guru points me to meke me assured that SANE is (or isn't!) my path
> to follow through...

This comes up on the mailing list every 6 months or so, but noone ever
says what the purpose is.

If you chose a supported scanner, sane will give you some code to work
from, but you likely wont be able to use it without significant
modification, if at all.

Every scanner is different, so without more info about your needs, i
dont think i can comment further.

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