[sane-devel] HP 8270 scanjet support

olin.sane.7ia at shivers.mail0.org olin.sane.7ia at shivers.mail0.org
Thu Jan 24 16:39:09 UTC 2008

I've got an HP 8270 scanner. It looks very nice. But when I plug it
into my 64bit Ubuntu system, xsane doesn't see it. And I note that it
isn't listed on the list of supported devices at
So I'm stuck.

- Is it supported but just not listed and I'm doing something wrong?
- If it's not supported, is it in the queue?
- Is there some show-stopper reason why it'll never be supported, and
  I should just return the thing?

Can someone clue me in?


P.S. My apologies if this message pops up more than once on the list;
I seem to be having problems submitting mail to it.

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