[sane-devel] Uninterrupted HP LaserJet M1005 Backend

Couriousous couriousous at mandriva.org
Thu Jan 31 21:31:00 UTC 2008

> If break scaning with signal 2, then see next:
>     1. backend stalled into sane_cancel.get_data... - next step only
> 'killall scanimage'

Ok, this is because sane_cancel() is called from a signal handler. I've 
re-read the sane API documentation and the backend should handle that.

The problem is that sane_cancel is called while a sanei_usb_read_bulk() is in 
flight. But the only known way to cancel the scan is to do it until the end 
(remainder: the whole backend has been reverse engineered, there may be a way 
to do it cleanly but I don't know it). So sane_cancel() try to read the data 
and throw them away.

But to read the data we must call sanei_usb_read_bulk(). Which seems to lead 
to a deadlock (I suspect this is because libusb use poll() to check if data 
is available).

I'm trying to fix this, but I don't see any "easy" solutions. So suggestions 
are welcome !

>     2. MFP stalled with display message 'Scanning to PC' - only power
> off/on help

This is because the backend has not sent a "revert into idle mode" packet to 
the MFP. The MFP will "timeout" and go itself into "Ready" mode after some 
time (2-5 minutes).


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