[sane-devel] [RFC] sanei configuration framework improvement

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Tue Jul 15 05:58:15 UTC 2008


	currently, the sanei_usb_find_devices() and 
sanei_usb_attach_matching_devices() functions use an attach callback which 
has only a 'name' parameter. So when parsing configuration options quite a 
few backends store options in global vars to use them at attach time. Now we 
have a SANEI_Config structure, I'd like to add it to the parameters so that 
we can pass it to attach function and avoid the use of global vars.
	This would made the use of sanei_configure_attach() even simpler, since a 
backend would only need this attach with config struct callback to work. USB 
backends with no options would even only need to  add this parameter (leaving 
it unused) to their current attach function and call 
	Since I suppose backend maintainers would rather avoid their backend modified 
to add an unused parameter. I'm thinking about duplicating these two 
sanei_usb functions.
	Would it be OK that way ?


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