[sane-devel] CIS scanners: to calibrate or not to calibrate :) this is the question (my scanner is mad and lazy :)

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard at gjaeger.de
Tue Jul 15 06:24:36 UTC 2008

On Monday 14 July 2008 13:28:18 litlle girl wrote:
> > The plustek-backend is able to store calibration data and to
> > read them back before scanning. This backend (and probably most
> > others also) needs the value from coarse calibration (the AFE stuff)
> > and the fine calibration (for each sensor pixel).
> > The calibration data is stored for each user in its ~/.sane directory.
> >
> > HTH
> > Gerhard
> Hi Gerhard,
> Is there any chance to make usefull calibration save/restore code from
> plustek-backend to gt68xx-backend ??
> Maybe copy code will be the easiest way, if there is no maintainer for
> gt68xx-backend?
> I'm not a programmer so i cant make patch by myself,
> but I can test patch on my gt68xx scanner.


the save and restore routines could probably be reused, but all other
stuff needs to be implemented...

- Gerhard

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