[sane-devel] Please give me some help to solve the license issues in using sane

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Thu Jun 5 14:44:31 UTC 2008


On Jun 5 15:55 Daniel Glöckner wrote (shortened):
> It may sound naive, but usually a scanner driver just needs to write some
> registers and accept the incoming image data.
> I don't see what needs to be hidden in that process.
> Maybe it is possible to make your driver compile with a reduced set of
> functionality that doesn't need those closed source modules.
> If you want to implement image processing algorithms (dust removal,
> ICC profiles, descreening), don't. This should be done in frontends.
> While it is nice to talk to developers that want to respect the GPL in their
> commercial products, it would be better if we can avoid having to find a
> compromise by convincing those that object an open source approach.

Many thanks to point this out!

Of course I fully agree!

Unfortunately according to my experience with printer manufacturers
they make very often the mistake that they like to provide a single
big-and-fat-all-in-one-full-featured driver monster instead of well
seperated parts.


The ideas behind are exactly the same for printers and scanners
but unfortunately (I have no idea why) only a few manufacturers
seem to understand the enormous benefit of free drivers:
The advantage for the ... manufacturer is that he will
receive comprehensive Linux support for his devices
* in all products ...
* on all hardware platforms ...
* for new versions of the products ...
without any extra expenses for the ... manufacturer. 

But also note the ZJStream example.
Here the license issue is directly related to the low-level
protocol how to send raw data to a ZJStream printer.

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