[sane-devel] Please give me some help to solve the license issues in using sane

David Lochrin dlochrin at d2.net.au
Sat Jun 7 04:30:22 UTC 2008


On Thursday 05 June 2008 23:55, Daniel Glöckner wrote:
> Last year Canon released Linux drivers for the MP scanners that require a
> closed source module. We have never heard of anyone successfully using this
> driver. On the other hand there is the open source pixma driver that is
> actively developed to handle the same scanners.

   I've installed the Canon drivers for the MP520 on SuSE Linux and that device seemed to work fine, though I must say it was a very brief test - not exhaustive or even systematic.

> While it is nice to talk to developers that want to respect the GPL in
> their commercial products, it would be better if we can avoid having to
> find a compromise by convincing those that object an open source approach.


   But if I may put a user's viewpoint, I recently bought a Canon LiDE-25 flatbed scanner when I would have preferred to buy a more functional model (the LiDE-90) purely because it was supported by SANE and the LiDE-90 was not.

   I think SANE provides very big impetus toward the acceptability of Linux as a desktop system.  If some compromises in software design must be made by either party in order to accomodate commercial sensitivities while keeping the GPL licence, it's possibly well worth it.

   Such issues are probably likely to increase rather than decrease in future, and have surfaced in other areas.


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