[sane-devel] fujitsu scanner owners needed

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 02:09:41 UTC 2008

On 6/7/08, spammed <spammed at get2net.dk> wrote:
>  On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 09:48 -0400, m. allan noah wrote:
>  In the past few weeks, I have made several updates to the fujitsu sane
> backend. I don't really have a good list of testers, so I am putting
> out a call for all fujitsu backend users to please try the current
> version from SANE CVS.
>  I have done some testing with my fi-5110-EOX and scanimage. The
> backend+scanimage is from CVS as of 5 June.
>  Particular areas to watch out for:
> 1. JPEG output is now possible, but will only work with scanimage from
> cvs, or some other sane 1.1 compliant frontend
>  JPEG output works fine. Is the compression done by the scanner or the
> backend?

the scanner itself. it appears that every fi-series Fujitsu might be
able to do this.

>  2. The mechanism for determining the color interlace mode is now
> automatic, so please see if color scans look weird, particularly if
> the scanner has done a color scan in windows without being power
> cycled.
>  Not really tested, but no problems observed.

if a non-jpeg color scan looks ok, then that is all the testing we need really.

>  [...]
> 4. the scanner device is now named 'fujitsu:model:serial' instead of
> the system provided name, if the scanner supports serial number
> detection. please verify that the new name actually matches your
> scanner :)
>  Model and serial is correct.


>  5. initialization code has changed somewhat, the backend should find
> scanners if they are plugged in after the front-end starts (requires
> custom daemon frontend to test, I dont know of any in the wild)
>  Not tested, would need instructions...

right- i don't actually have a frontend that does this, so lets not
worry about it.

>  6. please test page-width and page-height support, it seems that some
> cheaper scanners don't work.
> [...]
> Known issues:
> [...]
> 2. page-width and page-height don't seem to work for the fi-5110EOX,
> needs software emulation
>  As previously found, page-width is ignored. I am all set to test any
> improvements on this front :-)

right. going to need to simulate in software for your machine. i
wonder how many others have the same problem?

>  The page-height option works as expected in combination with
> dfdetect=Length except that dfdiff seems to be fixed at 10mm.

odd. do you get an error when you set the other lengths?

 A long page
> (paper jam) occurring as the last sheet of a batch is detected only on the
> next invocation of scanimage. (May be a limitation of the scanner's
> detection mechanism, or a scanimage issue?)

hmm, i need to look into that. it is possible that the scanner does
not report the error to us until after the page is fully sent, so
there is no way to inform the front-end.

>  Some additional observations about this scanner, for the record:
>  - dfdetect=Thickness is ignored.

this machine must not have a thinkness sensor. i wonder if this
applies to the S5xx series too?

>  - the overscan option seems to be ignored, although I am not sure I fully
> understand its purpose. The output looks identical, with no additional space
> at the top. What is the bgcolor option mentioned in the --help -d output?

when overscan is enabled, the x and y values of the scan area can
extend slightly larger than the page width, and the scanner outputs a
few mm of the background before the top of the page hits the sensor.
if your machine has a white background stripe behind the sensor, try
scanning a darker sheet and see if the white background shows above.

the bgcolor option is only for scanners which have a servo driven
black/white background in the adf, such as the fi-5120C

>  - the sleeptimer option works, but does not put the scanner as such into
> sleep mode. It just dims the scanner lamps after the specified interval if
> no paper is inserted.

that is fujitsu's idea of sleep, lamp at half brightness, and any
operator panel lights off (other than power?) i dont think there is a
way to turn the lamp off entirely.

>  Btw, there seems to be a bit of weirdness going on if these last two
> options are both present on the command line (individually they are
> accepted):
>  $ scanimage -n --sleeptimer=5 --overscan=Off
>  scanimage: rounded value of sleeptimer from 5 to 5
>  scanimage: setting of option --overscan failed (Invalid argument)
>  $ scanimage -n --overscan=Off --sleeptimer=5
>  scanimage: setting of option --sleeptimer failed (Invalid argument)

weird. let me try this myself and get back to you.

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