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chuck brigermann co2 at lenoxlaser.com
Tue Jun 24 16:50:05 UTC 2008

I've been following this thread from the beginning shown below.  I
only recently got involved with Linux as part of a work project to
determine if it was a suitable replacement for Windows on some of our
computers.  I also decided to try it on my three home computers. 
After investigating a number of distributions, I decided against it
because of connectivity problems with our network, and at home I had
a lot of trouble using a dialup modem.

While reading a book on current hardware, I noticed the author highly
recommended Xandros.  I hadn't tried it so  I purchased their
professional version to test.  It worked wonderful.  Very user
friendly, which is important to desktop users without computer
skills.  Also, no network or modem problems.

I now have Xandros on seven systems at work and all three of my home
systems.  This brings us to my current disappointment.  First, I sent
two e-mails to this forum about HP4890 support without a single
response.  Now I see this overall support issue is pretty widespread.
Without a reasonable support structure for peripheral devices,
printers included along with scanners, Linux is never going to be a
mainstream OS.  Some people may say that's just fine, but then this
superb distribution of software is lost on a small number of people. 
Many of the packages that are available with Linux are far better
than their Windows counterparts - and they're free.

Please, please don't ask me to buy another scanner when I have a
top-of-the-line HP scanner and there's no support for it.  HP is one
of the world leaders in scanning equipment, and this type of hardware
is widespread and needs to be supported.

Chuck Brigermann

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Subject: [sane-devel] New Scanner Purchase .....
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 14:29:33 +0700

>My HP Scanjet 3970 is on its way out .....  I would like to
>with another HP and I have just been comparing the HP Scanjet current
>models (from the HP site) with what is and what is not supported in
>Sane.  It appears that more or less everything is not
>supported.  This
>I find very surprising and so I was wondering if I had missed the
>I would like to use either a Scanjet G4010 or a G4050 but since both
>are unsupported (in common with the rest of the current scanners) I
>very reluctant to buy and see what happens.<br>
>Could anyone please tell me if I have got this wrong or is there
>another way round this?<br>

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