[sane-devel] SANE -backends-1.0.19-10.fc9 and HP SJ 5590 ADF - with gscan2pdf - A4-duplex scan - paper dimensions wrong

Ari Latvala a.e.latvala at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 14:11:37 UTC 2008

Dear  All,

First,  great thanks for the SANE developers for providing so extensive set
of OSS for all of us!

Advise is kindly searched for the following situation:

On Fedora 9 environment (see Annex A),  with SANE versions (see B),  using
HW  HP ScanJet 5590 with ADF, and A4 paper sizes ,  the gscan2pdf v. 0.9.23
(parameters as per Annex C) strangely behaves as follows:

1.  Note:  gscan2pdf using SANE backend for HP LJ 5590 with duplex ADF scan
needs definition, that the reverse side must be rotated 180 degrees,
otherwise the scan result gives that upside down. Page sizes are defined as
A4 in the GUI of gscan2pdf.

2.  Page 2 (reverse side of  A4 size aper original (209 mm wide, 297 mm
height) scanned) starts in output image  PDF result as 6 mm late (clipped
from top of page 2),  12 mm shifted left on page 2 and ends about 24 mm
shrinked at bottom.

3. The phenomenon accumulates in multi-page ADF feeded double-size
documents, stepping up with about 12 mm on each

4.  The end result is, that multi-page double-sized ADF scans get cutted
from wrong places and  the result is a PDF document, where the  page images
are combination of a cropped end-of-page  parts of previous page and the
current page.  Due to the ADF duplex processing or reverse side, then some
parts of the text are upside down.

Problem solving:
PS1.  Modifications of the gscan2pdf parameters for aligning the image
w.r.t. page borders, did not have effect.
PS2.  A suspicion is, that the problem is related to the scan page image
paper size dimension parameters, as eg. US is using letter size and Europe
A4, which differ by about one inch in height.  Some  of the software modules
used by gscan2pdf may be using US letter sizes inadvertedly.

So my question is:  how you control the page size parametrization in the

Thanks for advice!



Annex A.  Fedora 9

Annex B.  xsane 0.995,  gscan2pdf V. 0.9.23,  sane-baxckends-1.0.19-10.fc9,

Annex C.  gscan2pdf :  ADF Duplex used,  A4-paper size used,  in duplex
scans, rotate reverse side 180 degrees.
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