[sane-devel] HP 6300C scanner

Marc Dirix marc at electronics-design.nl
Sat Jun 28 17:40:01 UTC 2008


I'm currently having problems using a HP 6300C scanner
and the ADF. If I use scanadf, it does scan the pages I 
put in the ADF without problems, but it doesn't stop scanning
after the ADF is empty.

Is this normal? Should I tell it how many papers are in the ADF or
should it detect this by the sensor?

I can see an paper-sensor in the ADF, which I can push down, and
it pops up again without problems. As I don't have any windows at
hand just now so I'm not able to test against it. But I'll
try to get my hand on one to know if windows has the same behaviour.

Marc Dirix

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