[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 90

Mike Silva mikexilva at gmail.com
Fri May 2 23:22:27 UTC 2008

Just like me, after seacrching for a simple, fast, cheap and relaiable 
(LED's instead of normal fluorescent light) scaner for linux, and after 
seing a scaned dinonsour in this mailing list :) using the canon LiDE 
90, I decided to buy this model (a month ago), but since I don0t use 
windows for some years on my desktop, this scaner it's still virgin in 
the original box waiting for an easy to test (user side) sane driver :)

Keep up the good investigation (I wish I could help)...
I did contact canon about a linux driver for this scaner, but their 
support team (outsourced) just said what we all know: not suported ny 
linux :(
I think not even the canon made the low lever windows driver, but meybe 
some taiwan chip maker or so...

There should be an easy way to use windows twain driver under wine, or 
something like MacOsX driver emulation for every diferent scaner...
Unfortunately, I've came to conclusion that lots of hardware starts to 
be well supported in linux drivers when it is discontinued :(

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