[sane-devel] Cross compilation question

Jan Coetzer janc at liquidauto.co.za
Tue May 6 07:07:40 UTC 2008

Good day,


I have a project where we are using a Moxa W345 embedded system running
arm Linux.


We want to connect a Plustek OpticSlim M12 scanner on the Moxa device.


I have done the following:


1.	Connected the Plustek scanner on my development PC, running
Slackware 12. 
2.	Used "sane" (Scanner Access Now Easy) to read the scanner from
the development PC. 
3.	I installed the Moxa toolchain on a Slackware 10.2 machine. 
4.	I downloaded the Sane source code. 
5.	I am in the process of cross compiling "sane" for the Moxa unit.

6.	I am not a Linux expert (hope to get there one day) and am
running into problems with this process. 


7.   I do the following in the project's directory.

      export CC=arm-linux-gcc

      ./configure -host=arm-unknown-linux-gnu                    < At
least run through the configure process >

< stop during dependency checking with an error >


8.	Make output when compiling "Sane" 

making depend in include

making depend in lib

making depend in sanei

making depend in include                                   - cd include,
no such file or directory, make halts here.



I read the autotools and make manuals, but I never realized how
complicated these processes can be and feel more confused after reading
the manuals.

What am I missing? Has anybody done something similar? 


Thank you, any assistance will be appreciated.


Kind regards


Jan Coetzer


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