[sane-devel] [RFC] SANE 1.1.0 Remove linux kernel scanner.o support

Alessandro Zummo azummo-lists at towertech.it
Fri May 9 05:41:07 UTC 2008

On Fri, 09 May 2008 08:55:12 +0900
Olaf Meeuwissen <olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp> wrote:

> Hmm, just having read those comments about portability and old, never
> updated systems, I find this a bit contradictory.  I'm personally all
> in favour to dump scanner.o support but what about those poor embedded
> system developers that have to get something to work on, say, RH 7.1?

 they can still use sane 1.0.x :)


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 Alessandro Zummo,
  Tower Technologies - Torino, Italy


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