[sane-devel] Patch to make XSane work with SANE 1.1

Alesh Slovak alesh.slovak at avasys.jp
Tue Oct 14 01:34:31 UTC 2008

> We have several choices as i see it:
> 1. Remove new status values and release sane 1.1. (do we need to
> remove other things?)
> 2. Release this as sane 2.0.
> 3. Reopen the sane 2.0 discussion, and make more drastic changes to the API.

What about doing both 1 & 3 suggested above? Create a new branch for 
2.0, back out the changes in the 1.1 branch, and release that as 1.1, 
then open up the discussion on 2.0 again.

Is the issue that some people want this light status feature as quickly 
as possible? I don't think that should be worth rushing into a 2.0 release.

Isn't there anything else that people might want in a 2.0 release?
What happens when soon after 2.0 there is another incompatible change 
that is desired? You release sane 3.0? If so, then we end up with a 
whole bunch of incompatible versions of sane. If not, then we have a 
sane with none of the features that people want.

Alesh Slovak                    Linux Team -- AVASYS Corporation
alesh.slovak at avasys.jp          http://avasys.jp

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