[sane-devel] blank page scanned with CanoScan LiDE25

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 22 14:47:08 UTC 2008

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Y P wrote:

>>> As said, I added myself to scanner, but i am wondered to see sighted persons

my apologies. i did not follow on this when i read it before.

> I can't use The Gimp, I'm visually impaired;
> I use Orca + Firefox, taht's all I currently use, for the rest I prefer the
> commandline apps.

which brings me to better understanding of your use.

i would now have questioning of your problem being with sane
or orca and tie in of 2 under your system. you are trying to
fault sane, where as it may be orca.

when i was trying to use xsane to scan a bunch of paper, i had
problems getting xsane to play well with sane and why i switched
to gimp to do scanning. gimp worked very well, xsane did not.

i never bothered to trouble shoot to see where problem was, as
gimp did get me copies that i needed. i noted that gimp had an
ocr tie in, but i did not try it, as graphic scans where enough
for what was needed.

being that scanning under gimp can be done entirely from keyboard,
i will suggest you, or someone else, should give gimp, with ocr,
a try to see if your problems are with orca or with sane. that is,
if gimp will scan and ocr will convert, then you will at least know
how to proceed.

i do wish i could be of further help and i wish you much luck in
finding a solution.
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