[sane-devel] Xerox Documate 510 Backend

Rene Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Wed Apr 8 09:10:35 UTC 2009


On 08.04.2009, at 10:53, Julien BLACHE wrote:

> Rene Rebe <rene at exactcode.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>> I do not know of any bug that needs fixing. Using a proper non-Debian
> You must be kidding. What about the various versions of the HP 7400
> that stopped working after 1.0.18, for a start? I've got an
> ADF-related bug on the HP 8250 if you'd like, too.

There are 2 7400 flavors and I think booth do work. The other mail on  
list today apparently also boils down to "the linux usb subsystem got
confused", so?

I never had a 8250, I had reports that it worked, maybe there are also
multiple variants. Without a device I can only wait for patches to come
in, or someone to donate an affected machine.

Also the hp 5300 bug in the last release was just because CVS merged
some stuff very defectively which I did not spotted immediately due to
the very unreadable diff, leaving a variable uninitialized and thus
some calibration methods to segfault, ... was not a big deal to fix
and is already in CVS for ages.

>> site would also stimulate actually using a bug tracking system, same
> There's an issue tracker on Alioth; if it's not good enough for you,
> you're free to set something else up but you'll have to maintain it.

Yeah, like setting up an SVN one? That's no problem I can donate
SVN space at http://svn.exactcode.de

>> goes for CVS (which is not only a pain to use but also mis-merged
>> a chunk which causes bugs in the last major release).
> We'll migrate to git immediately after the 1.0.20 release.
> If you want SANE to move away from Alioth, fine. But you'll have to
> offer something better, and take care of it before, during and long
> after the migration.
> When the previous hosting failed, Alioth was the better choice we
> had. Pretty much the only alternative was SourceDogFuckingSlowForge,
> and I don't think you would have liked that better.
> There were some problems and failures in the beginning (largely not
> Alioth's admins fault, that was bad ia64 hardware we were given), but
> Alioth has performed very well for the past several years.

I agree the sf.net is no fun either, but alioth definitely is no much  
and the vendor neutrality is a problem, I for one do not want to
promote the most sucking Linux distribution (my rating) with my
contributed free time.

I still think split backend packages like X.org and printer drivers
(for CUPS) are the way to go and increase efficiency and fun.

   René Rebe - ExactCODE GmbH - Europe, Germany, Berlin
   http://exactcode.de | http://t2-project.org | http://rene.rebe.name

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