[sane-devel] Xerox Documate 510 Backend

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Wed Apr 8 09:31:16 UTC 2009

Rene Rebe <rene at exactcode.de> wrote:


> There are 2 7400 flavors and I think booth do work. The other mail on
> the
> list today apparently also boils down to "the linux usb subsystem got
> confused", so?

Yeah for that one, but I've got other reports. Need to get back at
that now that you're back.

> I never had a 8250, I had reports that it worked, maybe there are also
> multiple variants. Without a device I can only wait for patches to come
> in, or someone to donate an affected machine.

ADF works in 1.0.18, consistently reports "ADF cover open" in 1.0.19,
user reports a perceived difference in the way 1.0.19 works compared
to 1.0.18. <http://bugs.debian.org/521410>

> Also the hp 5300 bug in the last release was just because CVS merged
> some stuff very defectively which I did not spotted immediately due to
> the very unreadable diff, leaving a variable uninitialized and thus
> some calibration methods to segfault, ... was not a big deal to fix
> and is already in CVS for ages.

It did not fix all the issues that were reported, IIRC. Need to get
back at that, too.

>> There's an issue tracker on Alioth; if it's not good enough for you,
>> you're free to set something else up but you'll have to maintain it.
> Yeah, like setting up an SVN one? That's no problem I can donate
> SVN space at http://svn.exactcode.de

We were talking bug tracking systems, now you're talking SCMs. Uh?

And with your SVN I'd worry about the entire SANE SVN going byebye
overnight like the avision SVN did...

At least with Alioth anyone can log in and fix whatever needs fixing
when things break.

> I agree the sf.net is no fun either, but alioth definitely is no much
> better

Uh. It's fast, it supports pretty much all the SCMs, the admins are
readily available to assist and fix issues. And it's not better than
SF? Come on.

> and the vendor neutrality is a problem, I for one do not want to
> promote the most sucking Linux distribution (my rating) with my
> contributed free time.

Now you're just being stupid.

We're providing hosting, and that's it. No strings attached. Anybody
can get a project set up on Alioth, only required condition is to have
a Debian Developer sponsoring the request (not even part of your
project or anything like that).

I don't know how we could be more neutral than that.

> I still think split backend packages like X.org and printer drivers
> (for CUPS) are the way to go and increase efficiency and fun.

I think a backend is too small to be standalone. X drivers are a bit
bigger than our backends I believe.


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