[sane-devel] ADF in scanimage for Epson GT-1500 on RHEL5

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Mon Apr 20 23:50:40 UTC 2009

adnanwk <adnanwk at yahoo.com> writes:

> [snip]
> Flatbed is usable with imagescan. When i take the device options with 
> scanimage --help -d epkowa:interpreter:002:003 (see end of message to 
> see details output of device options)
> I get this
>    Optional equipment:
>     --source Flatbed|Automatic Document Feeder [inactive]

Turns out this is a bug introduced in iscan-2.18.0 and still present in
iscan-2.19.0.  Image Scan! is not affected but other SANE frontends may
display the same behaviour.

This will be fixed in iscan-2.20.0 but in the mean time you can revert
to iscan-2.17.0, downloadable from


For those that don't mind patching the sources, you have to negate the
condition on line 2180 of backend/epkowa.c.

# BTW, you have gotten (or should be getting) a similar reply via our
# regular tech support.  Please make up your mind about where you ask
# so I don't end up answering your questions twice :-|

Hope this helps,
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