[sane-devel] Canon Canoscan 4400F

David Kaplan kaplanis at actcom.co.il
Tue Apr 21 17:33:52 UTC 2009

 I also have a Canon Canoscan 4400F scanner that I am very happy with 
except that I must boot into XP to use it.
Has there been any progress on adding this scanner?
> Hello all.
> I decided to try add my scanner to sane. I'v read the recommendations 
> about how to do it however they are really rather general.
> I have Canon Canoscan 4400F. In the table with supported scanners is at 
> this type written to be added to genesys backend. I just downloaded the 
> sources and there some places with defined values for each scanner. So 
> far okay.
> Then i followed the advices and made some logs about usb traffic in the 
> windows environment (Snoopy2). There some common parts.. there is always 
> some bunch of data sending to the device at startup (possibly firmware) 
> .. there is still some traffic up and down.. some checking and so on... 
> however is there any advice how to recognize more? O just described 
> somewhere some process how to test  sending bunches of data to the 
> device via usb? Or should i use another sniffing tool to get better 
> readable usb logs?
> Thanks for advices.
> martin

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