[sane-devel] searching for business card scanner compatible with sane

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Tue Dec 22 19:48:02 UTC 2009

Thank you Allen for taking the time to answer my questions,

m. allan noah wrote, on 21-12-09 17:56:
> I'll admit it is a bit odd, but a few other backends do this as well,
> so I followed the trend of 'readable' options.

I believe there is also a scanner model that has a flat-end extension
so, the ADF prefix could make sense then, however "back", front",
duplex" would be my preferred choices.

> All fujitsu scanners internally consider the 'front' of the paper to
> be the side which touches the paper tray. Is this not the case for the
> s1500?

Yes the front is the side which touches the paper tray and the
beginning seems to be the point where scanning starts. This means you
have to turn the paper on top and rotate the front to back before
placing the paper in the tray. This is really counter intuitive. Is
this hard coded in the firmware of the scanner or something of the
device driver?

>>> # bug02:
>>> It seems "ADF Back" and "ADF Front" are outputing something that is
>>> not on the original paper, only "ADF Duplex" seem to work here...
> I would need a sample image. Are you sure you are running libsane 1.0.20?

I tried to reproduce the results I encountered yesterday, but the
scanner is now responding in a different way. (see the attachment)

>>> # bug03:
>>> It seems around 15mm of text is missing from the bottom of all pages
>>> when trying to scan simple A4 pages. Page geometry: 5096x6600+0+0
> please use the page width and page height options to set the actual
> size of the paper. if you are using a command line program, you should
> set those options before you set the x/y image size.

The datasheet(1) is saying it can scan A4 paper and automatically
recognizes document size, is this not supported in the device driver?

Please see the attachment and the links(2) for the images I tried

Is it really that hard to scan A4 paper with a more then 500 Euro
scanner? So far I only have been trying to get the basis functionality
of the 100 Euro all in one HP scanner that I previous used, let alone
get the functionality I really wanted like automatic different size
business card scanning. Am I now just bitching and making no sense or
is there something wrong? I know I am a perfectionist but I need it
for the quality of the work I do.

I want to be able to just input a bunch of different sized documents
and execute the scan command and get a bunch of images returned that
contain the data on the source documents and not more and not less. So
I can process them to my other automatic systems for OCR, archiving,
DjVu, meta tagging etcetera.

Any help/advice would be appreciated,

1) http://tinyurl.com/yzebybz
2) http://filebin.ca/nexyyh/images-0001.tar.gz

Kind regards,

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