[sane-devel] unable to join multiple xsane-outputs with ghostscript

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Wed Feb 11 12:04:04 UTC 2009

Julien Michielsen <michkloo at xs4all.nl> wrote:


> Thank you, Julien. Did not know this option to make a multipage project, and 
> just succeeded to make a 9 page-project. The images reside in  
> ~/multipageproject and are named image-0001.pnm up to *09.pnm. Nothing new to 
> you here. I made the scans for a MS-Win user who is abroad, and wants to read 
> his mail. How could he read these images? Does he need acces to a computer 
> with xsane installed? If so I can advise him to install xsane-win32, but this 
> might not be necessary. I'd like to hear so from you. Thanks in advance.

Click on "Save multipage file" and you'll get a 9-page PDF.


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