[sane-devel] "epkowa" driver installation on Ubuntu 8.10

Alesh Slovak alesh.slovak at avasys.jp
Mon Mar 30 00:05:42 UTC 2009


> Thank you very much, Alesh. Since you are replying off list, do I
> understand correctly that questions about the epkowa/iscan software
> should rather not be posted on sane-devel?
No, that's not the case at all. I replied to the list as well as 
directly to you. I usually do this just to make sure that the original 
poster gets my reply in case they miss it on the list.

>> Ah, yes, we are aware of this problem, but as far as we are concerned 
>> this is Ubuntu's mess. There isn't much we can do, unfortunately. This 
>> should sort itself out when Debian migrates to libltdl7, which isn't 
>> going to be for another few years, I guess.
> Again, I'm not a developer, but I have been using Debian and Ubuntu for
> quite some time now. I think I have seen packages that had "either or"
> dependencies (or whatever they were called). 
 From what I understand, we can't just do that because it would still 
require recompiling for each type of system. Ones with libltdl7 and ones 
with libltdl3. There are fairly simple workarounds, so we mentioned it 
in the documentation and left it at that.

> Perhaps Ubuntu users should at least be forewarned about this issue, or
> they will all have the same problem.
As mentioned above, this problem is mentioned in the documentation 
included in the package, but it isn't exactly easily accessible. It 
might be a good idea to put this information on the website as well.

>> iscan-interpreter is a virtual package used for determining 
>> compatibility between versions of iscan and its plugins, so yes, you 
>> won't find it anywhere. I am not exactly sure why this message is being 
>> displayed, but it shouldn't be a problem.
> That's what I gathered. But I still think it is a (cosmetic, low
> priority) bug. Perhaps it can be registered as such.
We haven't seen this error in our testing, and seeing as how you 
installed with a very unorothodox method, I am tempted to chalk it up to 

If you do see this again using the workaround I mentioned, then please 
let me know.


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