[sane-devel] Canoscan 8400f

brian at amason.net brian at amason.net
Fri Oct 2 15:53:07 UTC 2009

I'm back at considering working on a driver for the Canoscan 8400f. I have
been requested by another developer to help do this. I have the Mac
driver. Mac, if I remember it is *nix based now. What is the take on
driver writing in regards to RE drivers to implement drivers? Has anyone
ever decompiled OSX drivers? What would be a recommended decompiler? I do
not have any MAcs so could never install the driver and run it, but the
Canoscan 8400f is a fairly complex and high end scanner. I'd like to make
a Linux driver that supports 100% of the features. Is it a taboo to
decompile drivers for making Linux drivers? Or for getting over stumbling
blocks? Is doing blackbox RE the only acceptable method of RE for Linux
drivers? Would Sane accept my code if I decompiled the driver? Copyright
issues? There shouldn't be any, since I'll not be seeing actual original
source code.


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