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I've been trying another way of looking at things and was wondering whether
it would be possible to remove the motor from a scanner but still keep it
functional. I know that I can manually start the scanner and place its head
into zero position.

Is it possible to tell the scanner to scan a 2 meters long surface and
therefore to remain on/in scanning position long enough? And then, from the
drivers, to obtain a 21,7cm x 200cm jpg ?

In most of the scanning software, you can set the exact size of the surface
you want to the scanner to scan, by defining a surface that is less than the
maximum scanning surface: would the opposite be possible, and tell the
scanner to scan more than 21,7 x 29?

If that is the case, I could very well use an independently operated motor
that I would control to move the scanner head along the surface, at a speed
matching the constructor specification.

I suppose for instance that when a scanner is scanning a document in a
300dpi resolution, it's speed is constant.

Thanks very much for all your insight.

2010/7/14 Ulrich Deiters <ulrich.deiters at gmx.de>

> Is it really necessary to remodel the scanner? Alternatively,
> you might use a lens/mirror system to project an image of your
> large object onto a standard A4 flatbed scanner. You would have to
> provide additional lighting for the object, and you would have
> to to something to protect your scanner from stray light, but
> it should be possible.
> You will, of course, not achieve a greater image resolution.
> Best regards,
> Ulrich Deiters
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