[sane-devel] dll.conf question

John Freed okg at johnfreed.com
Mon Dec 27 23:33:29 UTC 2010

I've been working on a port of the HPLIP software to Mac OS X, using
MacPorts. (The SANE project says it doesn't include HPAIO because it's
supported by HPLIP, but HPLIP explicitly does not support the Mac.)

In the process, I discovered that HPLIP (which provides the hpaio backend)
appends a line "hpaio" to dll.conf to activate it.

This line is then overwritten the next time sane-backends is upgraded.

I then realized that this is the case with ALL upgrades of sane-backends and
is thus a general problem. It dawned on me that perhaps a better approach
might be something along these lines:

1) check to see if dll.conf exists in the install directory. If it doesn't,
install dll.conf.in

2) if it already exists, either leave it alone, or (better) do something
like this:
-- create a version of dll.conf (call it dll.conf.null) with ALL backends
commented out
-- grep -v ^# dll.conf >> dll.conf.null
-- install the modified dll.conf.null in place of dll.conf

This will give an updated list of all the backends, but only activate the
ones that were previously active (and not delete items like hpaio that were
active but not part of the official sane-backends package).
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