[sane-devel] sane and gt-2500

Alessandro aleuser at inwind.it
Mon Jul 5 07:39:40 UTC 2010

Hi all,
   we are going to buy an Epson gt-2500, but I have some questions about 
it and sane, I hope someone of you can help me (and I hope I'm not OT)

1- on internet I see the gt-2500 is able to get the preview in 9 sec.. 
it's a very long time! Is it the "lamp warming time"? Can I keep it warm 
in some way? Is it strange a "27ppm" scanner takes more than 9 seconds 
in order to get the first scanned page? This is a common problem: I 
can't understand the effective scanning time for the first page, that is 
the most common case for simple office documents.

2- Can I handle the scanner button? With sane, or polling some 
"/proc/scanner/button/blabla" driver file, or other.

3- I'd like to use the sane command line. Is sane able to automatically 
use the ADF if there are some pages in it? Or have I to choose ADF or 
A4-plane with a command line arguments?

4- For these "high speed" scanners is USB 2.0 necessary in order to get 
the maximum performance? Or USB 1.1 is enough?

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