[sane-devel] sane and gt-2500

Alessandro aleuser at inwind.it
Mon Jul 5 16:33:04 UTC 2010

From: Wolfram Heider <wolframheider at web.de>

>> 1- on internet I see the gt-2500 is able to get the preview in 9 sec..
> Can't confirm this - with me, using the iscan gui, preview starts 
> almost immediately. However if you are in a network and saned is 
> running it may take some time till saned has identified all available 
> scanners and is presenting a selection list.

Thanks for your good news :-)
I'm not in a network: I will dedicate an old linux pc to gt-2500.

> If you are using iscan you can handle the button (in Xsane it doesn't 
> work)


>> 3- I'd like to use the sane command line. Is sane able to automatically
>> use the ADF if there are some pages in it? Or have I to choose ADF or
>> A4-plane with a command line arguments?
> You will need arguments in scanimage, scanadf etc - else the GT-2500 
> will work in flatbed mode.

Do you know what append if there are no pages in the ADF and I use the 
ADF argument?

> Note, to run the GT-2500 you will need the epkowa backend. It isn't 
> part of the SANE drivers, but it perfectly fits in. You can get it 
> here: http://avasys.jp/eng/linux_driver/

Ok, I didn't know it

> In summary I would say the GT-2500 is a very recommendable machine, 
> especially with heavy duty jobs when hundreds of sheets have to be 
> scanned in one swoop.

I care about one single sheet job (with or without ADF); here it is the 
most common case.
Our needs are:
-  A4 planed (ADF probably will be used, but it is not necessary)
- very fast B/W single shoot scan in medium/low quality (300dpi?) for 
office documents
- Sane compatibility.

I think/hope GT-2500 can work fine for us :-) Other scanners don't give 
us these certainties (productors sites informations are so poor..)

> Wolfram Heider

Thanks very much for your informations

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