[sane-devel] ADF problem on HP ScanJet 8270 (ERR: Scanner cover is open)

Marius Ruth marius.ruth at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 12:48:57 UTC 2010

it worked like you said but this is not really a permanent fix for me.
I guess this confirms that the bug is somewhere in the scanner
initialization part of the sane/avision code.

I'll try to check out and see if I can understand the code in the
library and maybe make it work...
Meanwhile, if somebody has experience with this and want's to help out
I can give access to the machine connected to the scanner for debug

Quick solution for me would be to buy another scanner that works well
with ADF but I'd really like to fix this issue with the HP as well.
Can you guys recommend another good scanner proven to work well with
adf/sane in linux (preferably same environment as mine).


On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 7:27 AM, Valentine Christian
<valentine.christian at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have essentially the same problem on my HP 8250 scanners.  The only
> effective workaround is to power down the scanner, connect to an XP (or
> other M$ product with HP drivers installed), and start up the wizard.  It
> manages to take the scanner out of the error 15 state, and I can move along
> until the next paper jam or other error condition.
> On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 10:07 PM, Marius Ruth <marius.ruth at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I have a very annoying issue with the HP ScanJet 8270 I bought a few days
>> ago.
>> Although normal scanning works great when I try to use the feeder
>> (ADF) I get this error:
>> "Scanner cover is open"
>> Obviously, the scanner cover is NOT open. I search everywhere for a
>> solution but there seems to be none that will work.
>> Scanner is running properly in Diagnostic mode.
>> I've also tried what this person suggested with no luck:
>> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/sane-devel/2005-December/015797.html
>> I'm running CentOS release 5.5, kernel 2.6.18-194.el5.
>> *sane* packages from RPM will not detect the scanner so I compiled it
>> from source code.
>> I've tested with the latest stable versions:
>> sane-backends-1.0.21,
>> sane-frontends-1.0.14,
>> xsane-0.996
>> and with the latest development release:
>> sane-backends-git20100705.tar.gz
>> sane-frontends-git20100705.tar.gz
>> The error message I get in sane for both is: "Scanner cover is open"
>> The error I see on the HP scanner LCD is "Error 15"
>> Scanner is connected via USB.
>> I've tried with xscan, scanimage -b, scanadf (all with same results,
>> the issue is definitely with sane and not the frontends.. i think)
>> I've also tried to play with the sourcecode of the "avision" lib
>> quickly commenting the "cover open status" checks and calls, still no
>> luck. I'll try to debug the code tomorrow but until then i'd really
>> like to know if anybody over here can help me out please.
>> My theory is that the adf is not properly initialized and this is why
>> the feeder scanning fails. I can hear a noise comming from the feeder
>> when I issue the command to scan but it dies with the "scanner cover
>> is open" error message after ~5 seconds.
>> I've uploaded a full debug log here: http://pastebin.com/HXzhMPsu
>> Relevant snapshot from debug run follows:
>> [avision] avision_usb_status: Needs to request sense!
>> [avision] sense_handler:
>> [avision] sense_handler: data:
>> [avision]   [0] 11110000b 360o 240d f0x
>> [avision]   [1] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [2] 00000011b   3o   3d  3x
>> [avision]   [3] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [4] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [5] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [6] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [7] 00001110b  16o  14d  ex
>> [avision]   [8] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [9] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [10] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [11] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [12] 10000000b 200o 128d 80x
>> [avision]   [13] 00000010b   2o   2d  2x
>> [avision]   [14] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [15] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [16] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [17] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [18] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [19] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [20] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision]   [21] 00000000b   0o   0d  0x
>> [avision] sense_handler: sense code: MEDIUM ERROR (mostly ADF)
>> [avision] sense_handler: scan has not yet been completed
>> [avision] sense_handler: correct logical length
>> [avision] sense_handler: sense code: ADF cover open
>> [avision] reader_process: start_scan faild: Scanner cover is open
>> [avision] sane_read: got 0 bytes, err: 0 Success
>> [avision] do_eof:
>> [avision] do_eof: returning 8
>> [avision] sane_cancel:
>> Please advise,
>> Thanks,
>> M
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