[sane-devel] Where do I get the SANE support on Sun SPARC for HP 5590 Scanner

Omar Halaseh omar at omnix.ae
Mon Mar 8 08:13:26 UTC 2010

Dear Ilia,

We've already done some work already, and we could still make use of 
some or your code.
Yes please, I appreciate if you could send us your work and we'll try to 
make the best use out of it.

  Best Regards

On 3/7/2010 3:24 PM, Ilia Sotnikov wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Omar Halaseh<omar at omnix.ae>  wrote:
>> Many thanks for your prompt help Ilia. I really appreciate it.
> You are welcome, glad to help on using open source solutions.
>> Actually we are trying to write a simple front end solution within Active/X
>> to interact with scanners connected to SunRay thin clients running on
>> Solaris servers.
>> We'll take a look at the documentation and try to make use of ready made
>> components as much as possible. Isn't there any Windows libraries that will
>> help in building a frontend that doesn't rely on Cygwin?
> Well, as I mentioned earlier, I've made native (non-Cygwin) versions
> of the libraries, although didn't commit them. Not sure when I could
> have a time to update the patches for the current SANE backends. As a
> starting point, I could sent you compiled binaries along with the
> patches (they are against sane backends 1.0.18)
>> We've tried some of the windows frontends such as XSane, and scanimage that
>> accompanies it. The SANE libraries accompanying it seems to be of an older
>> version "1.0.16". We get an error "Can't determine the option count." Is
>> this error due to a difference in the version numbers of the network
>> protocol. We're using the "net" backend to communicate with the scanner
>> remotely and the backend at the server is 1.0.20.
> I've ported Xsane to Win32 too, although it's a bit old (XSane 0.991).
> In general words, I was interested in a complete frontend solution for
> Win32 and ported all necessary parts (SANE libraries, scanimage and
> XSane). The XSane patches weren't sent to mainline as well. I could
> give you the all libraries and binaries, along with patches, so you
> could try to use them and reduce implementation time, if the solution
> suits your needs.
>> I have another question. Do you know if we can use SANE with fingerprint
>> reader devices such as U.ARE.U 4500 fingerprint readers from Digital
>> Persona:
>> http://www.digitalpersona.com/developer/U-are-U-Fingerprint-Readers/U-are-U-4500-Reader/4500-Reader/
> Haven't even heard about such device. Usual way to check whether a
> device is supported is:
> - take a look at list of the devices supported by SANE
> (http://www.sane-project.org/sane-supported-devices.html)
> - take current GIT snapshot and compile it
> - gather all device information (vendor, 'sane-find-scanner -v -v -v' output)
> - try to scan
> - report your findings on the sane-devel mailing list
> Perhaps, someone could recognize the device and give you some suggestions.
> Best regards,
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